History » Теннисный клуб АВДАРМА


The history of the court tennis in Avdarma began in June 2013, when on the Children's Day the

patrons of the village gave to the children of Avdarma the first tennis court. Then there were

invited professional coaches who began training young players.

The first six months of intense trainings on that court gave theirs results and early in the year

2014 the tennis players of Avdarma became winners of the championships of Moldova.

Throughout the existence of the tennis club “Avdarma” its coaches and athletes had participated

in the numerous tennis tournaments not only in Moldova, but also in Romania and Turkey.

Young tennis players of “Avdarma” managed to refill their treasury of awards with medals and

cups of national and international championships.

The administration of the club pays much attention to the general physical training of tennis

players. Children visit regularly the swimming pool and participate in professional training

camps organized by the Tennis Academies of Spain, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.

In order to develop tennis there were built two more tennis courts with the full assistance of the

patrons of Avdarma. Construction was carried out with due regard to the international standards.

On September, 11-13 these courts will host the first International open tennis tournament for

children under 10 years of age “AVDARMA OPEN CUP”. Modern and comfortable viewing

platform designed for 550 seats will enable the audience to watch the game of young tennis


Young tennis players from Ukraine, Moldova and Romania will struggle for the Cup of


“AVDARMA OPEN CUP”, the first international tennis tournament in Gagauzia, will take place

at support of the Tennis Federation of Moldova. Avdarma will be represented by 16 athletes in

the tournament.

The Chairman of the tennis club "Avdarma" - Elena Karamit, the coaches of the club – Grigoriy

Gramatin, Maxim Eroshkin and Anatoliy Bubela.

We invite everyone to become spectator of the fascinating tennis matches in Avdarma.